Origins of Woodcarving


Release time:2023-07-20

It is commonly said that the art of woodcarving in China originated in the Neolithic period.
But in fact, the art of wood carving, like other sculpture arts, was born with the creation of mankind; it was just an unconscious behavior at the beginning, until people had an aesthetic, wood carving became an art.
Wood carving art originated in China during the Neolithic period, more than seven thousand years ago in Zhejiang Yuyao Hemudu culture, there have been wood carving fish. Qin and Han Dynasties wood carving process tends to mature, painting and carving technology is exquisite.
The appearance of Shi color wood carving marks that the ancient wood carving craft has reached a fairly high level.
Tang Dynasty is China's craft technology shine period, wood carving technology is also increasingly good. Many of the preserved wood carvings of the Buddha, is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese art, with the shape of condensed, knife skillful and smooth, clear and bright lines of the craft characteristics, become today's art market at home and abroad on the "favorite".
Ming and qing dynasties of wood carvings subject matter, mostly for life customs, myths, such as auspicious celebration, grain harvest, dragon and phoenix auspicious, peace, pine and crane, such as wood carvings, popular at that time the society.
Wood carving is complex, the major schools after hundreds of years of development, the formation of their own unique style of craftsmanship, renowned throughout the country, Dongyang wood carving was born in the Song Dynasty in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, specializing in carving, beautiful patterns, delicate structure.
During the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty, known as the "hometown of carving" in the Dongyang area, there are more than 400 craftsmen were called to the capital, repairing the palace; Yueqing poplar wood carving from the mid-Qing dynasty has become one of China's folk wood carving crafts to carve small poplar wood furnishings and is famous at home and abroad; Guangdong gold lacquer wood carving originated in the Tang dynasty, which is carved with camphor wood, then Lacquer and gold, brilliant, with a strong artistic effect.

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