What wood is good for wood carving


Release time:2023-07-20

1, rosewood: valuable wood, produced in tropical Asia, brownish purple. Solid and delicate, commonly known as "mahogany", carved by a high degree of polishing wax was black jade color, extremely beautiful. Suitable for fine carving, mostly used for high-grade crafts and practical crafts.
  2, ebony: valuable wood. Produced in Hainan, China, solid texture, color black and grain, commonly known as ebony. There are true and false points, put the water is sunk is true, put the water is not sunk is false. Suitable for fine carving is used for high-grade handicrafts.
  3, mahogany: valuable imported wood, produced in the southeast subtropical region. Texture interlaced beautiful, solid and slightly rough material, the initial color yellowish red, long time to become purple-red, highly polished waxed extremely beautiful, suitable for doing all kinds of exquisite small pieces of crafts carvings and mahogany furniture carving.

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