Treatment of wood carvings


Release time:2023-07-20

The so-called technique is the author's approach to image and space in wood carving. This technique is mainly embodied in the significance of carving and engraving in the sense of reduction, exactly from the outside to the inside, step by step through the reduction of waste material, step by step, the shape of the excavation will be revealed. In the subtractive modeling time and time again, we not only experience the pleasure of the work in "coming out of the shell".
We may even be shocked by the characteristics of the wood or the fact that we may have subtracted something that should not have been subtracted if we had exerted too much force, but if we handle it correctly, we may also be delighted by the danger that comes with it. At the same time can also feel a variety of knife use of the process of special flavor, some accidental effects, can make the work produce new rhyme. Therefore, in the wood carving art creation, is the psychological change and complex and meaningful process.
The reason why the formation of beautiful knife skills, is the technology to achieve pure performance. From time to time, when someone copies a good painting, feel the most difficult than with the brush, because the brush is the product of the author's mind and skills, knife, too, is any imitation is difficult to reflect the thing.
Therefore, only by mastering the techniques and accumulating experience can we achieve the ideal knife skills of our own. That kind of wood grain and carving marks, smooth and rough, concave and convex, round knife arrangement, flat knife cutting ...... the artistic language they express, the charm of the sculpture of other materials can not be achieved.

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