How to choose a good wood carving


Release time:2023-07-20

Wood has some soft, some hard, generally soft wood easy to carve, hard and heavy hard carving. Tough wood, fine grain, bright color called hardwood, such as mahogany, boxwood, rosewood, walnut, hammerwood, etc., with all the advantages of carving, is the carving of the top materials, suitable for carving complex structure, modeling works, and in the process of production and preservation is not easy to break and damage, there is a very high collector's value, just carving up more work, easy to damage the knife.
Looser wood is suitable for beginners, such as basswood, ginkgo wood, camphor wood, pine and so on. This type of wood is suitable for carving modeling structure is simple, the image is more generalized works, carving up is also relatively easy, but because of its soft wood, color and lustre is weak, some need to coloring treatment, in order to strengthen the sense of quantity. Some of the wood grain is more obvious and varied, such as: ash, pine, fir, etc., you can make use of the smooth wood grain, wood grain texture, for some of the more lyrical works.
Generally speaking, the greater the shape of the undulation, the more rich changes in wood grain, the more flavor; shape of the shape of the dynamic more tactful, smooth, wood grain towards the effect is also the more ideal, to the unexpected good-looking, rich decorative. Of course, the design of this wood modeling should be highly generalized, too complex and too small volume, will not only destroy the wood grain, but also cause visual contrast.
Therefore, before creating a piece of work, the first thing to do is to know the wood, it is very important to choose the material suitable for the performance.

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