Maintenance of wood carvings


Release time:2023-07-20

Wood carving crafts have a long historical origin, good crafts can reflect the carver's ingenuity and superb carving technology. For people who collect handicrafts, collect their favorite handicrafts, can cultivate the sentiment, can inject infinite vitality into their busy space, at the same time to create a rich imagination.
How to make their favorite things can stay young, always exudes the vitality of life, that and how to effectively collect and maintain crafts have a lot to do with it. The following author according to some of their own shallow experience to talk about the maintenance of wood crafts.
First, wood carving crafts should not be placed in the sun for a long time and cracking.
Wooden crafts like people, sun exposure, easy to "heat stroke". So when placed, it should be conscious to pay attention, especially do not place them in the window.
Second, wood carving crafts should not be placed in a very wet or very dry indoor.
In a very humid environment, part of the wood crafts will grow "hair". For example, green sandalwood crafts will spit out silver-white silk out. Although that is a beautiful scenery, but I understand that many people do not like.
Too dry environment, some wood carving crafts may be part of the phenomenon of cracking. Moreover, everyone's standard of living is much higher than in the past. The simplest is reflected in the northern life in winter with heating, summer can blow air conditioning. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the wood carving crafts do not blow directly against the air wither wind mouth. Do not put him in the vicinity of the heating pipe.
Third, wood carving crafts should not be placed in the open fire, fire wall, fire bed, fireplace near.
Fourth, should not use a towel with water to wipe, it is appropriate to use wax or grease containing cotton towel wipe is better.
Usually according to the indoor clean or not, often with a dry cotton cloth or chicken feather duster will be wood carving crafts on the dust to show its natural beauty, if you find wood carving crafts is not good when the luster, you can use the brush will be glazed wax coated on the surface of wood carving crafts, with a rag to wipe a little polishing can be.
Of course, you can also use cotton towels dipped in some walnut oil gently rubbed on the surface of wood carving crafts can also achieve the desired effect.
However, do not use a towel with water to wipe, which will make the wood carving crafts too wet, but not achieve the desired effect, but also hurt them.

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