Classification of wood carving production


Release time:2023-07-20

Craft wood carving
Craft wood carving usually refers to the folk, has a long history and strong national traditional color, pay attention to the fine carving, skillful wood carving handicrafts.
Craft wood carving is divided into pure ornamental and practical two categories. Ornamental wood carving is displayed, arranged in cabinets, windows, tables, several, cases, shelves, for people to enjoy the small, separate works of art. Practical wood carving refers to the use of wood carving process decorative, practical and artistic combination of works of art.
Artistic wood carving
Artistic wood carving usually refers to the conception of exquisite connotation deep, original, reflecting the author's aesthetic, artistic methods and artistic skills of the work. Art wood carving is usually designed and produced by the author, so he can always run through and grasp the creative ideas and pursuits. The creation method of artistic wood carving is not only to express people and objects in the objective world with the same form as other sculpture materials, either realistically, exaggeratedly or abstractly, but also to combine with the use of the characteristics of wood, and to excavate the elements of beauty from the morphological properties of the original materials, so as to fully embody the interest of wood carving and the beauty of the materials.
The content of the subject matter and the form of expression of artistic wood carving depends on the author's artistic qualities and interests on the one hand, and on the natural shape and natural texture of the wood on the other hand, that is, "applying art according to the material". Art of wood carving expression method is rich and eclectic, there are bold, rough and powerful; have fine carving, smooth lines; there are simple and general, clever use of natural beauty. Good art wood carving is not only the carver's dexterity product, but also decorative, landscaping, temperament, pleasing to the eye works of art, so it has a high collection value.

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