Carrying forward the legacy of woodcarving


Release time:2023-07-20

Wood carving is to carve with various kinds of wood and roots as materials, which is an important category of traditional carving craft. The history of wood carving is very long, in zhejiang yuyao hemudu culture site there are wood carving fish unearthed, this is China's wood carving history of the earliest physical. Henan xinyang warring states tomb unearthed wood carving town wood beasts, hubei yumeng han tomb unearthed color carving wood maids are China's early wood carving works. Due to the difficulty of preservation, it is difficult to see more than a thousand years of wood carving works.
The two song dynasty wood carving works are more common, this time the wood carving has used the organization of fine wood as a carrier for the production, which is conducive to the wood carving works of the world. Some temples in China still have wood carvings from the Song Dynasty.
During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, due to the rapid development of overseas trade, there was an increase in the types of wood, and many hardwoods imported from overseas were used, which was a great development of wood carving craftsmanship.
During the Ming and Qing dynasties is a brilliant period of wood carving art, emergence of a large number of historically documented masters, artists and their works, is a peak of the ancient art of wood carving.
The end of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China due to the corruption of the government, the decline of national strength, foreign invasion, the people do not live, wood carving art has declined since then, artists and famous artists can only be reduced to craftsmen to make ends meet. After the founding of new China under the care of the party and the state, folk crafts have been protected and excavated, wood carving also re-emerged lax life, emerged a number of masters. Their works, exquisite craftsmanship, adhering to tradition, far-reaching intention, eulogize the times, reflecting the masters based on tradition, innovation, and express the new life of the chest and pay back the country, know the kindness of the deep feelings.
The country's reform and opening up, economic takeoff, the country's wealth, the Party and the country's strong support for folk arts and crafts, arousing the public's love for traditional arts and crafts and the pursuit. In these prosperous times, folk arts and crafts have taken a new leap forward, wood carving art is no exception. In the face of the actual situation, in the national handicrafts exhibition, the author of outstanding works of art is older, and few young authors.
With the passage of time, a serious problem lies ahead. How to stimulate young people's interest in making folk crafts and how to train qualified successors so that there will be no one to carry on the folk art business is a task that we try to study in addition to our normal artistic creations. How to effectively protect folk art and continue traditional folk culture has become a common issue for the government, scholars and artists. As a successful artist, he or she should be able to pass on his or her influence while becoming famous.
Can change the previous form of inheritance, folk crafts are mostly individual production and operation of the family, in the economic resources, works of sale, etc. are not yet very reliable security. Especially in the continuation, continuation, inheritance and development of more difficulties and problems. If there is no suitable and ideal family heir, and the society does not pay attention and give support, many folk art treasures may be broken in our generation. There is an urgent need for us to carry out cultural rescue so that these precious works of art and art forms can be preserved. However, the difficulty encountered is that, due to the high development of machine manufacturing, the time-consuming manual work is increasingly squeezed out. For example, it is not unusual for a simple wood carving to take several days to produce, whereas it takes only a few dozen minutes with a machine.
The same piece of work, due to the cost, the price difference is too large, resulting in handmade in the market share of less and less. Secondly, just because the profit margins crowded the survival of folk handicrafts in the low-cost forced, shoddy handmade wood carvings abound.
Handmade wood carving gradually lost its inherent cultural value, more and more in the social and cultural edge. To make wood carving works in the market to stand, we must come up with a large number of works of art can not be manufactured machinery, which requires the author himself has a high level of skill. But mastering comprehensive and solid skills is never a day's work, many masters of the arts very much hope to find a good disciple, so that their craft can be passed on and carried forward, but not many young people interested in folk crafts. Regardless of which craft category, all require the author of the craft business itself is very loving, to concentrate, willing to use their brains, enduring loneliness, resist the temptation of the outside world. Regular exhibitions of works in the community, so that the general public, especially young people have a deep emotional understanding of the traditional arts, from love to desire, and to devote themselves to it, gradually in-depth. Government authorities should care more about artists, especially young and middle-aged artists, so that they can engage in artistic creation without worrying about their lives.
The media should report and publicize the stories of successful artists, so that young people will understand that engaging in art will eventually bring great honor, and is a good career for the benefit of society and individuals. In the personal apprenticeship at the same time, the wood carving art into the higher art colleges and universities in the teaching and research, in the pulpit to teach, which has been the new era of art education reform.

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