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Perfect Three Wood Products Co., Ltd. was founded as Far East Wood Industry in 1988. We specialize in designing and manufacturing hand carved decorative wood products. With rapid development of business, the company was renamed Perfect Three Wood Products in 1994 when the product line extent to include architectural moulding, onlay, corbel, mantel,leg, mirror frame, column & capital, staircase parts, screen panel, etc. 


Perfect Three is located in Dong Yang City, in the centeral part of Zhejiang Province. It's well known as the "hometown of wood carving" in China and boasts the greatest concentration of master woodcarvers. Wood carving is a traditional skill here which can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (Year 618-907). Our factory covers a floor area of 11,322 sq. meter (122,000 sq. feet) and employs over 120 craftsmen and workmen. The machinery and other fixed assets are valued at approximately US$3,000,000.


With about 30 years' experience, we have developed an efficient production capability. In 2001, we became certified as an ISO9001 Quality Management Enterprise. In 2007, we achieved the FSC-COC Certificate, which is a leading move in wood product manufacturing field. The Purchasing Dep.strictly adhere to the FSC principles to make sure all the timbers we apply are from reliable and responsible managed supply.


Perfect Three is committed to maintain the highest levels of integrity and to be the premier source for moulding, onlay, corbel, mantel, furniture, staircase parts and so on. We are dedicated to customer service and continuing efforts to develop more decorative wood products of high quality and craftsmanship.


We look forward to working with you in near future!